Welcome To Jonathan Creek Campground, LLC.

80 Oak Tree Lane, Benton, KY 42025


1. Are your frustrated when you have to move around in your campground because TVA says you can’t keep your spot year after year?


We say you can keep your spot year after year, no moving around required! But…if there is a spot you like better, we can put you on a waiting list for it if it is occupied.

2. Do you have a period of months that you have no access to your camper or that you can’t be on the campground?


With us, you can camp year round if you want to. If you are not going to be there year round, you will need to close your camper when your season is over.  The great thing is…you get to decide your camping season!

3. Do you have to run out and move your camper when the water is up because your campground floods?


Our campground does not have a flooding issue, no moving out and back in as dictated by the weather!

4. Do you constantly battle with utilities, not enough electric to run all your appliances, not enough water pressure?


We have 100 amp service on each camping spot and you will never have problems with water pressure!  We also have Wi-Fi and cable available with fiber optic cable.

5. Can you customize your camping spot to make it your own?


We will allow you to build decks, porches, roofs with approval.  We just want to make sure it looks nice. We allow you to have your picnic tables, burn pits.  

6. Do you have problems with your camper being too close to your neighbor’s camper?


The spot that you will lease from is a 45x50 lot, plenty of room for your camper, your vehicle, and your boat to park at your spot.

7. Is your current spot overloaded with people and you just need some peace and quiet?


We can offer you a camping spot that is off the beaten path, yet within 10 minutes of a store for supplies, a restaurant, and a public ramp to put your boat in the water. This place is tucked back beside a small community but still lakefront.

8. Have you called around and no one has any spots available?  Or have you just started your camping activities?


If you want year round camping, give us a call.  We would love to have you as part of our community.

9. What amenities do we have planned for the future?

When we get our first 12 spots rented, we will be adding more spots.  If you have family or friends that want to be in the same campground as you, we have room for them now.  If we happen to fill up before they all get in, just know there is more to come. We will not have so many that you feel cramped.  You will always have your 45x50 lot. We are planning to have a bath house on the property.  We are debating how it will be set up. We may offer the ability for you to do laundry there. We will poll our campers when they get onsite to see if that is a service they would use. It will definitely have bathrooms and showers. We are communicating with TVA to see what we can offer lakefront as far as a dock or commercial dock rental. Hopefully that will be something we can plan for.  Again we will see what our campers needs are.


Do you have questions or concerns?  Give us a call or send us an email.


      Built with you in mind